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  1. Canadian Hindu Chamber of Commerce(CHCC) is the first Registered Not for Profit Organization in Canada to be dedicated to the unification of Canadian Hindus and their economic interests.

  2. Hindus have long been the backbone of the Canadian Economy despite never having unified and effective representation.

  3. The Canadian Hindu Chamber of Commerce is an organization dedicated to becoming the vehicle of expression, representation and improvement for the Hindu Business community in Canada.


  1. To strengthen the business capability of Hindu-Canadians

  2. Increase cooperation of Hindu community in Canada

  3. Increase and strengthen the Hindu community’s stake in socio-economic and political fabric of Canada

  4. To work and establish Memorandums of Understandings with other organizations who share the same objectives.

  5. Increase the diversity of Hindus in Canada to protect Hindu values

  6. Protect, preserve and promote Hindu values


The Chamber shall increase Employment opportunities among the Hindu Community in Canada through various events but not limited to such as, tradeshows, seminars, fairs, annual gala, panel discussions, business tours etc.

Establish trade missions within, to and from Canada for the betterment of the country as a whole.

Joint events with other trade and business organizations within Canada and surrounding the globe.

Foster business relations among the Hindu community by bringing delegations of business to, from and within Canada.

Distribution and publishing of a magazine frequently for Hindu business community

Establish a directory of Hindu Business and services.

Shall organize social, cultural and educational activities and sponsor/participate in such other programs as may be of general interest to its members.

An annual gala will be organized to recognize the contribution and achievements of Hindu- Canadians improve cooperation between Hindus.

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